Laser Treatment For Acne Scars

Laser Treatment For Acne Scars

Acne is a very common problem among all generations. It´s told that it can only affect teenagers, but this isn´t true. Acne can be caused by a poor alimentation, stress and genetics.
Depending on each type of skin, the acne can be severe or moderated. Besides being uncomfortable and hard to treat, acne can leave scars. But why does it leave scars? Some types of skin are more sensitive and when there is a severe case of inflammatory acne, we are more prone to scars.

Scars can be treated in different ways, some may take years. None the less there is one treatment that has shown to be worthy and quick: Laser.

We need to know that there are two types of laser treatments. Each treatment will be better suited for a different type of scarring. Remember that each person scars in a different way and it will be determinant to evaluate which type of laser for acne scars will work better.
The laser treatments available include ablative and non-ablative skin resurfacing.

The laser treatment ablative resurfacing is a more drastic choice improving the skin´s complexion in a single session. It´s better suited for those who have deep scars.

The Non-ablative resurfacing treatment is perfect for those who have fine white scars. This treatment requires more treatments, especially depending on the scars.
It can also work as a maintenance treatment for the Ablative resurfacing treatment.

But how does it really work?

Lasers work with a powerful monochromatic light, which penetrates the skin melting and heating selected tissues of the skin. Helping to destroy the damaged tissue, this allows the growth of new skin. It helps to resurface collagen which is an important component to reduce skin damages.

Which treatment is better suited for you?

It all depends on your skin type, your type of scars and your expectations. Before jumping in, try to your dermatologist. He will recommend you the laser for acne scar that will be more effective depending on your skin situation.

Is it worth it?

The true being told laser scar removal can be very expensive. It usually takes a certain number of sessions to have great results. Take your time to investigate which will be the results, how much time did it take to see results, try to be realistic. Some treatments might be noticeable in just one session but the great majority takes time and a few sessions to be noticeable.

Investigate the place where you want to realize your laser treatment. Read comments about it and if you can try to talk to someone who had already been treated there. None the less don´t be afraid if you see one bad comment, it can happen to have one unsatisfied customer among a great number of very pleased ones.

None the less it is important to know that the great majority of people that have gone under this process have been very pleased with this treatment.