Does Smoking Cause Acne?

Does Smoking Cause Acne?

Does smoking cause acne? That is an interesting question. According to various findings, tobacco is known to be major cause of a number of harmful conditions from cancer and premature aging to less harmful, but embarrassing conditions like teeth decay and bad breath. No doubt, tobacco smoking is harmful to the health and this is the reason why many countries warning messages are displayed on cigarette packets. Despite the fact that around 3 billion died annually from smoking related illnesses, smoking is still popular among youths and adults.

Does smoking cause acne really? You may not agree but smoking has been associated with symptoms of acne. It is believed that smoking can cause some irritating skin conditions and acne is one of them. Research suggested that women are more prone to smoking related acne symptoms than men. In a recent finding, it was discovered that out of 1,000 women aged between 25-50, over 40% suffered from acne, whilst only 10% of the non-smoking women had acne. Therefore, it is reasonable to admit that smoking do cause acne. However, this does not mean that because you smoke you will automatically suffer acne, but if you suffered from acne as a teen, it increases the probability of you having a breakout.

However, there is confusion as to why smokers are prone to acne. Various reasons have been given, but the more admissible reason is that smokers suffer from acne is due to unhealthy skin. This is true because the various toxic chemicals and carcinogens found in cigarette smoke can clog the pores and cause bacterial growth leading to acne outbreak on the skin. Moreover, as a result of smoking, smokers’ body tends to look older due to pale skin, premature wrinkles, and leathery skin. All these occur as a result of harmful effects of tobacco use. Usually, smoking inhibits natural production of certain vitamins, such as Vitamin A, which affects skin health and can cause acne.

Each stick of cigarette you smoke contains over 4000 chemicals and most of these chemicals have debilitating impact on the body’s immune system and hormonal system. One of acne solutions is to have a good immune system. Since regulated hormone systems are vital to improve acne condition, when you smoke, your immune system is affected leading to acne outbreaks. No doubt, smoking weakens both the immune system and hormone system which may explain why smoking cause acne.

What then can you do to avoid having acne outbreak? The obvious answer is quit smoking immediately. You may think this is not possible and that you are likely to have a relapse if you quit. However, the positive effects on your health are worth thinking about. Many have stopped smoking and never relapse and you too can do same. It is imperative to bear in mind that failure to quit will not only cause you to have acne, it will lead to other serious health conditions and death. So, does smoking cause acne? The information in this piece is enough to dispel that doubt