What Is The Cause Of Adult Acne

What Is The Cause Of Adult Acne : 

Every single people from young to adult from women to men, having such amazing skin is important. Skin is one of the assets that will support the appearance. With the great skin, people will find themselves to be more confidence to do this or that, to go out in the public or something like showing yourself to the world. However, once there is something going on the skin of course people will notice and of course it will also reduce the percentage of the confidence that you have in you when you have that kind of acne that might appears on your skin. What is the cause of Adult acne?

Before answering the question related to what is the cause of adult acne then it is better to find out what is acne. In medical book and also dermatologist, Acne is something appears on the surface of your skin. They are in the form of red pimples that happens on the face. Acne may appear on the teenagers and also in adult.

Talking about the cause of acne, here we are going to focus on the cause of adult acne. They are as follows:

  1. The change in the hormone. Well, just like in the teenager, hormone is the very common cause of this type of adult acne. It is not only happen in the male but also in the female. Whenever there is the spike on the male hormones like testosterone then oil production will be increased. And of course, it will clogged where the bacteria of acne grows. For female this happens during the perimenopause. However, this mostly happens before their periods.
  2. Diet. As we all know, there are some foods that you might as well need to know in order to prevent the acne growth on your skin face. The kind of food or drink you might want to reconsider of having are as followed:

Sugar and the simple carbs :

Whether you realize or not, there are some food that will spike the blood sugar in your body that will triggers the skin inflammatory and provoke the breakout. The kinds of food are such as the Bread, Sweet pasta and so on.

Dairy :

Although the kind of product of the dairy is really needed for your healthy but you might as well notice that there are some people who are not along with it, by consuming such product, it will trigger the hormone that causes the adult acne.

Chocolate :

From some studies related to this food, said chocolate is one of the great foods to it, but you might as well know that too much chocolate will also be the cause of the acne that are appears on your skin. So, be sure to lessen the dosage of chocolate if you want to have it.

Some peanuts :

Can also be one of those kinds of reason or the cause of the adult acne. As we all know, there are something inside the peanuts that will trigger the oil production on the skin and when it appears on the pores of the skin and the dirt touch your skin, then it is the easy way of the acne bacteria to grow. In this case, you need to be aware of it before having too much peanuts.

  1. Stress. Whether you have notice, but those people who are in stress situation are mostly have the potential to have the acne on their face. When they are stress, their hormone will produce the kinds of pore clogging oil.
  2. Something related to the high testosterone for male and the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome which is also known as PCOS in women.

By knowing the kind of cause it will give you some of the times to find out how to prevent this acne from appearing on your skin or have it cured. When you have acne in your skin, then it is better to go see your dermatologist in order to find out; the type of your skin and to ask for the recommendation of the suitable treatment that will help you out from the adult acne that has been taking away your confidence when you are in the public.

In summary, acne does not only appear on the teenagers, they also happen to appear on the adult skin face. There are some of the reason or the causes of adult acne. Some of them are from the inside which is hormone, stress or some from the outside such as consuming some certain food that might have the potential that will spike some hormone and lead to the acne on the surface of the skin. But, in this modern era, there are some products that can be applied on your skin in order to prevent, to reduce and to stop this adult acne with the dermatologist consultation of course.