How Birth Control And Acne Are Related To Each Other?

How Birth Control and Acne are Related to Each Other?

Acne affects women ranging from teenage to middle age. Though acne is harmless, it can cause scarring of the skin and this can be a cause of embarrassment for many women. Having acne on your face can reduce the employment chances for women in modeling, acting, and hospitality industry. Birth control pills have been in use for treating acne for many decades and it has been highly effective in women having acne caused by hormone problems. If any other acne treatment like topical creams and antibiotics are not effective in reducing your acne, you can opt for birth control pills to control acne after consulting your doctor.

The Effect of Birth Control on Acne

It is known fact that hormones play an important role in aggravating acne in many women. Some women may experience acne flare-ups on pre-menstrual days and some may experience acne for many years or till menopause. Sebum or oil from the sweat glands is the main reason for clogging the pores in the skin and causing acne. When the level of hormone testosterone increases in the body’s sebum production also increases resulting in flare-ups. The estrogen and progesterone hormone in birth control pills lowers the amount of testosterone and reduces sebum production and lowers the chances of acne.

Select FDA Approved Birth Control

It is important that you use safe birth control combinations that are approved by FDA for treating acne. All the Birth control combination pills will have the same form of hormone estrogen, but may have different forms of hormone progesterone. There are pills with different doses of estrogen and progesterone hence you need to consult a doctor before you starts using the birth control for acne.

Who can get Benefited?

The oral contraceptives as acne control can be safely used by women for treating mild to severe acne

  • If they are above 15 years of age.
  • Have started menstruating.
  • If they need contraception.

Some women may experience a flare-up when they use the birth control pills for the first time. You may need to use the birth control pills for a few months to see visible changes in your skin. Using other forms of treatment such as topical medications along with birth control gives better results in reducing acne and having a clear skin. However, if you are having severe medical conditions like hypertension, heart diseases, blood clotting problems, then you should avoid taking birth control pills. It is also not advisable to pregnant and breastfeeding mothers and smoker above 35 years.

The Side Effects

The birth control pills have very low level of hormones and hence do not have any major risks associated some women can develop side effects like migraines, depression and mood changes, heart attack, dangerous blood clots, strokes etc.

Getting Maximum Benefit

  • Take the birth control pills, according to the schedule.
  • Continue the birth control treatment as advised by the doctor for a few months.
  • To get better and faster results, combine the birth control with other acne treatment.

With these few guidelines in mind, you will be able to control acne while taking birth control pills.