Bio Oil For Acne Scars

Bio Oil For Acne Scars


Your skin makes up the most crucial element of your appearance, and skin that is well taken care of stands out from afar. Beautiful skin gives you the added confidence of looking your best every single time you step out, adding a new energy to your step and paving the way for success.

One of the biggest problems when it comes to skin care is acne, which can leave behind ugly scars and blemishes that even makeup can’t hide. Acne is mainly caused by excess oil blocking pores in the skin or bacterial infections; however, it has also been linked changing hormone levels and the use of certain types of drugs.

Bio Oil:

Bio Oil is one of the most popular products used by millions of people around the world to combat acne scars and marks. From the US to Russia to Peru, Bio Oil has proven to be one of the most effective skin care treatments around today. Bio Oil is formulated with a special blend of natural ingredients, including:

Calendula Oil:This ingredient is known for its moisturizing properties and works wonders for severely dry and cracked skin. It also soothes bug bites, cuts, scrapes, and other abrasions.
Chamomile Extracts: While you may know Chamomile tea for calming your stomach, its extracts also have countless benefits for your skin. Most importantly, chamomile contains antioxidants that help eliminate acne and prevent further breakouts. Additional benefits include cleansing, healing, and moisturizing properties. Chamomile also acts as a natural skin whitener and adds a beautiful glow to the skin.
Lavender Oil: Lavender is known as a natural remedy for acne. It has antiseptic properties that help battle against acne causing bacteria. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that can help soothe muscles and make you feel more relaxed.
Rosemary Oil: Rosemary includes multiple nutrients including iron, calcium, and vitamins beneficial for your skin. It also helps re-hydrate skin and keeps it taut, eliminating wrinkles in the process.
Vitamin A: Often referred to as the miracle anti-aging vitamin, Vitamin A (also referred to as Retinol) helps unclog pores and keep the skin clean.

Vitamin E: Vitamin E acts as a natural moisturizer, prevents the formation of wrinkles, removes spots and other marks, and acts as a cleaning agent.

How to Use Bio Oil for Acne Scars:

You can use Bio Oil in a variety of ways to help eliminate acne scars and other spots and marks on your skin:

Start out by washing your face, using cold water in order to close pores and make your skin tighter. This will also prevent soap or oil from clogging your pores and causing further problems. Use a mild soap so that your skin does not get irritated.

Use a toner or rosewater if you have extra sensitive skin.

Now apply Bio Oil to your face, making sure to cover areas affected by acne.

Leave the oil on until is completely absorbed by your skin.

The best time to do this is before going to bed at night, so that your skin can fully take in the treatment. By morning, you will wake up with a completely new look!